From Fence Repairs to Garden Building Installation in Chandler’s Ford | Tips for a Smooth Landscaping Project

When planning landscaping work, it is important to get it right the first time, otherwise you risk mounting costs and even legal issues. Therefore, it is best to use an experienced landscaping company, such as Level Fencing in Chandler’s Ford. We know all the factors and potential issues to consider to prevent mistakes and disputes. In this guide, we share some of our top tips for a smooth landscaping project. Whether you need new garden fencing, fence repairs, garden building installation or full garden design, we deliver hassle-free solutions you can rely on.

Every project we take on starts with an assessment to determine the work that needs doing and any special requirements. Our landscaping and fencing contractors provide tailored advice and solutions to meet specific needs.

Planning Permission

Some landscaping projects require planning permission. Failure to gain permission where necessary before carrying out work can land you in deep trouble with the local planning authority, so it is vital to check the requirements of proposed work. Our landscaping company can provide advice and help clients in Chandler’s Ford submit the correct applications.

Examples of works which may need planning permission include garden fencing installations more than 2m high, or more than 1m high if next to a road or footpath. You will also need permission for garden building installation if the structure does not meet permitted development limits and conditions.

Property Boundaries

If you build over your neighbour’s land, you may end up having to reverse and re-do the work, wasting time as well as money. You would also need to pay for any damage to their garden. However, it is easy to avoid this extra expense by checking your property boundaries before starting work.

If you need fence repairs or a replacement, it is likely you already have the correct boundaries. Our fencing contractors in Chandler’s Ford recommend double-checking before installing new garden fencing or carrying out any other work on the boundary, such as garden building installation.

Project Planning

Our fencing and landscaping company plans each project thoroughly before ordering materials and starting work. This ensures we have everything we need to complete the work, without over-buying and without having to wait around for extra materials during the project.

We also help our customers in Chandler’s Ford and the surrounding areas choose the right options for their needs, such as fencing and paving types/materials, ensuring installations last as long as possible. Furthermore, proper planning will reduce the need for future garden or fence repairs. This is because the solutions our landscaping and fencing contractors provide are suitable for your site and maintenance requirements.

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